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A list of all people (past and present) that have worked on the project. People marked with a bold contributor tag are current contributors.


For the 2015 BME 235 class the class was split into five different teams. Each team was given an assembly program to work with throughout the quarter.


Ed Green Teacher
Kevin Karplus Teacher, contributor
Charles Cole Student, contributor
Kyle McGovern Student
Jake Houser Student
Jennie Richardson Student
Thomas Matthew Student
Charles Markello Student, contributor
Nedda Saremi Student
Josh Espinoza Student
Christopher Kan Student
Audry Musselman-Brown Student
Jared Copher Student, contributor
Feal Student
Sidra Hussain Student
Gepoliano Chaves Student
Natasha Dudek Student, contributor
Robert Calef Student
Christopher Eisenhart Student, contributor
Daren Liu Past external contributor

Assembly Teams

Number Team members Assembler Team page
1 Cole, McGovern, Houser, Richardson Meraculous Team 1
2 Matthew, Markello, Saremi SOAP denovo Team 2
3 Espinoza, Kan, Musselman-Brown SGA Team 3
4 Copher, Feal, Hussain ABySS Team 4
5 Chaves, Calef, Dudek, Eisenhart Discovar denovo Team 5



Kevin Karplus Teacher
Edward Liaw Student
Samuel Vohr Student
Patricia Chan Student



Kevin Karplus Teacher, contributor
Jeff Long Student
Herbert Lee Student
Hyunsung John Kim Student
Michael Cusack Student
Jonathan Magasin Student
Dany Steaste Student
Galt Barber Contributor
John St. John Student
Chris Brumbaugh Student
Shyamini Vasili Student
Jenny Draper
Patricia Chan


, 2015/07/16 18:02

No images, just name and email. Breaking it apart by year so that future years will be easily added in.

, 2010/04/11 15:58

Formatting conventions

We should standardize on a single image size for everyone to use (maybe 200 pixels high by 150 wide?), and also decide how we want to order the contributors (alphabetical, by type of work done, …). This suggestion should be replaced by the decision once the class makes it. — Kevin Karplus 2010/03/30 07:59

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