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The basics

Hello! I am the current wiki manager Chris Eisenhart, I was a student in the BME235 spring 2015 class.

This page acts as a ground level tutorial for changing the wiki. The other elements of the class (servers and whatnot) are described on the 'About the slug' page.

During our class the wiki grew so large that we lost track of it. This caused us to repeat a number of analyses, which wasted much of our precious compute power. As the current wiki manager I am working hard to ensure this doesn't happen again!

Modifying the wiki

First please add yourself as a contributor to the contributors page! It is akin to the 'hello world!' exercise and will verify that you can indeed modify the wiki.

1. Go to the page.

2. Hover over the right side of the page.

3. Find the 'Edit page' button and click it.

4. Add your name and email to the page.

5. Click the 'Minor Changes' button then press 'Preview'.

6. Verify you did not mess up the table, then press 'Save'.

7. Finish reading this page and the 'About the slug' page


While you are dong this note the different 'namespaces' being used, the contributors page is stored in the 'about_the_class' namespace. Namespaces allow the site to be hierarchical (see the Sitemap button on the top right of the page) which enables easy access for non-UCSC institutes. Namespaces are equivalent to UNIX directories, so much so that we structure our publicly accessible data after the wiki namespaces!

Style guide

After adding yourself to the contributors page, please take a look at the wiki style guide. The style guide explains general rules for modifying the wiki. Please be mindful of these rules, the wiki managers take extra care (and time!) to ensure that there as few as possible so please follow them!


You likely encountered this blurb on the front page, “This wiki is publicly readable, but editable only by people with UCSC School of Engineering computer accounts. Contact Kevin Karplus if you need to edit these pages and do not have such an account.”, if you cannot 'login' to the wiki and are enrolled, please contact Kevin Karplus to get access.

Site managers

The wiki always needs at least one manager, the current manager is Chris Eisenhart ( The site manager has extra privileges that lets her or him quickly modify the wiki. There should be a limited number of site managers, this will prevent them from stepping on each others toes (no more than 1 for every 10 people). These people should be chosen on the first day of class/meeting to ensure that all data that is put into the wiki is easily accessible by outside sources.


Site managers start immediately, the ensures that no changes are made to the wiki that are not reviewed by a site manager.

Site managers should not change page content (while performing site manager roles).

Site managers are responsible for managing and removing discussions. Discussions are publicly viewable, which means we need to limit them as much as possible. The site manager takes the discussion comments into account, makes the necessary changes to the page, then deletes the discussion comment(s) and informs the user of the changes.

Site managers are responsible for the hierarchy and namespaces of the wiki. As the wiki grows new namespaces will need to be added.

The site managers must oversee the new wiki additions and current wiki modifications. This ensures that the new information is put in the correct namespace, and follows our current style guide. There is a very large archive for deprecated pages, pages with bad namespaces, and pages that did not follow the style guide. As of 2015 the archiving effort is well underway, but not near completion. New managers will be asked to continue this effort.

You could leave a comment if you were logged in.
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