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Banana slug genome browser

Currently the banana slug genome is supported as a private track hub. For those who know how to set up custom track hubs, the link is here. If it is your first time setting up a custom track hub, follow the instructions for 'Mounting the banana slug track hub' below!

Currently the following assemblies are supported;



Discovar de novo


Mounting the banana slug track hub

To view the banana slug data please go to

and click the 'track hubs' button

next navigate to the 'my hubs' tab

Paste the url provided,

into the 'URL' text box and click the 'Add hub' button. You will be redirected to the banana slug hub which can be used as normal.

Creating a new track hub

To setup a custom track hub follow the instructions here.

Note the banana slug track hub has already been created. These are the instructions that were used to create it the first time, it can be accessed using the instructions above.

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