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Mon Mar 29 14:00-15:10

Kevin outlined the content of the course. The course webpage for Spring 2010 can be found here.

Students will be graded according to their contributions to this wiki. Everyone with an SOE user account is able edit the wiki. Weblinks to the terms of agreement that has to be signed before an account is created can be found on the course webpage.

The very first assignment for all students is to create a scaffold for each section of the wiki. The sections were assigned on a voluntary basis.

Kevin emphasised the importance of avoiding plagiarism. All content that is someone else's idea/product has to cited properly and credit has to be given to the original author. Sentences have to be quoted if they differ only in a few words, pictures taken from other people's webpages have to be licensed under creative commons and the source must be added immediately. Intellectual property without proper credit on the wiki is not acceptable.

Team work is allowed, but students should keep in mind that their grade depends on their contribution to the wiki and should take turns in writing (meaning logging in with their SOE account) when working in teams.

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