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Wikipedia page on SMRT:

Pacific Bioscience’s “Single Molecule Real-Time Sequencing” (SMRT) platform will be the latest technology to reach the market, in the second half of 2010. Like HeliScope, SMRT sequences individual DNA molecules, rather than the amplified “polonies” utilized in 454, SOLiD, and Illumina sequencers1)2). In SMRT, dNTPs are fluorescently labeled on the triphosphate; the fluor is thus removed automatically as each base pair is integrated into the growing polymerase chain. The SMRT sequencer is able to measure the slightly increased time each fluor is associated with the growing DNA strand while the polymerase is incorporating it. The cleaved fluor then diffuses away from the growing chain, and a new labeled dNTP binds, pauses, and is recorded. Although precise statistics for read length, number, and accuracy are not yet available, Pacific Biosciences claims reads thousands of nucleotides in length are possible3).

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1) Eid, J. et al. Real-Time DNA Sequencing from Single Polymerase Molecules. Science 323, 133-138 (2009).
2) , 3) Pacific Biosciences | SMRT™ Technology at-a-Glance. @
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