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Contributors to UCSC Banana Slug Genome Assembly (BME 235)

Contributors for Spring 2011 include the following:

Samuel Vohr

Sam SOE email: svohr

Edward Liaw

SOE email: eyliaw

Contributors for Spring 2010 include the following:

Galt Barber

Galt Barber soe email address: galt

Michael Cusack

mpcusack@soe Michael Cusack

Jenny Draper

Kevin Karplus

Jeffrey C. Long

Shyamini Vasili

Shyamini Vasili e-mail id -

John St. John

Photo of John St. John SOE email: jstjohn

Chris Brumbaugh

Chris Brumbaugh SOE e-mail address: cbrumbau

Herbert Lee

Herbert Lee SOE email: hlee

Hyunsung John Kim

Hyunsung John Kim SOE email: hyjkim

Unix commands to format portrait images

Here are a couple of Unix commands that may help you get your images in a standard format for this page:

To rotate files in unix 90 degrees clockwise you can use jpegtran.

  jpegtran -rot 90 Jeff.JPG > Jeff.JPG

To get a standard screen crop I was using Picasa to do a 4:3 crop (instead of a manual crop) and then saving the image and resizing it.

To resize the image to 200×150 you can use convert.

  convert -size 200x150 Jeff.JPG -resize 200x150 +profile '*' Jeff200.jpg

If you would like me to post your picture and details, feel free to email me a pic and your homepage address. — Jeff Long

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