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UDT - UDP-based Data Transfer

TCP often maxes out at slow speeds on a single connection of around 9MB/sec.

UDT can transfer between campusrocks and soe at 160MB/sec.

The default creates in udt4/app sendfile and recvfile utilities.

For these to work you need to on both sending and receiving machines tell it where to find the .so library

setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH /thepath/udt4/src/

On the sending machine you type


This opens up a connection and returns a port number. On the receiving machine type

nslookup [send_machine_name] 

to get the ip address of the sending machine. Now that you have the port number (returned by sendfile) and the ip address of the sending machine given by nslookup, you can transfer the file using recvfile like this:

recvfile [send_ip_address] [send_port_num] [full/path/to/file/on/send/machine] [./recieve_file_name]

Note that this will transfer the single file, then close the sendfile connection on the sending machine once the transfer is complete. Unfortunately I have not been able to figure out how to get it working on folders. Since you can't easily write a script to iterate through a bunch of files, the best option would probably be to archive all files you want to transfer at one time into a single .tar file and then transfer that file. To create a tarball of a directory (without any compression) execute this command:

tar cvf output.tar input_folder/      #creates a tar archive of the folder and its contents
tar xvf output.tar    #untars the folder and its contents
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