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The original paper describing SSAKE:
Available at:

Descriptions from :

SSAKE 2.0: SSAKE can now handle error-rich [short sequence] data sets. 
For each seed sequence or contig being extended, SSAKE looks through the 
entire overlapping k-mer space and generates a consensus sequence from 
overhanging bases - It then extends contigs using that consensus, provided 
the bases it comprises pass user-defined thresholds.

Version 3.4 [Released 2009-04-14] exploits paired-end reads to explore 
possible contig merges within scaffolds and allows users to track read 
position and individual base coverage for reads *fully embedded* within 


SSAKE comes precompiled without source.

cd /campusdata/BME235/programs/
tar -xvf ssake_v3-4-tar.gz
rm ssake_v3-4-tar.gz
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