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All backed-up banana slug genomic files for the class of spring 2015 as of 6/21/2015 is stored in the directory '/hive/users/charles/BME235_backup/' which is located on Charles Markello's hive cluster user account.

'Spring2015Data' directory stores all of the spring 2015 raw mate-pair and paired-end data as well as the RNA seq and processed (read trimmed and/or error corrected) data for the SOAPdenovo2 and Discovar de novo pipelines.

'assemblies' directory stores all of the latest and best assemblies curated from the 'abyss', 'DiscovarDeNovo', 'SGA', and 'SOAPdenovo2' de-novo assembly pipelines for the spring 2015 class.

'oldData' directory stores all of the previous raw and some preprocessed data from previous sessions of the course.

'oldAssemblies' directory stores all of the previous best assemblies created from AByss, Newbler, and SOAP de-novo assembly pipelines.

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