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Spring 2015

For the Spring 2015 class the banana slug genome project was funded by a successful crowd-funding campaign ( Below is the complete budget for the project, the items are arranged in no particular order. Please note that we owe some things to the donors so after these fees the total budget available to us is $20,156 out of the full $21,443.

Item Description Cost (USD)
Donor gift fees The amount that UCSC charged for collecting the donations (6%) $1,287.00
DNA extraction OMEGA mollusc DNA kit Technician time for generating 3 DNA extracts $109.00
RNA extraction OMEGA molluscRNA kit Technician time for generating 30 RNA extracts $445.00
Shotgun library Reagents Technician time for generating 2 shotgun Illumina libraries $397.00
Mate-pair library Lucigen mate-pair library kit User-provided reagents; technician time for generating $3,647.66
MiSeq sequencing Small-scale miseq sequencing for library QC $57.00
MiSeq sequencing 2×300 full MiSeq run $2,117.00
HiSeq sequencing 2×100 library generated on a single HiSeq lane with 597bp insert size $2000.00
HiSeq sequencing 2×100 library generated on a single HiSeq lane with 374bp insert size $2000.00
HiSeq sequences 2×250 library pools at UCSF; 2 lanes $5600
Starting budget $21,443.00
Total spent $17,659.66
Total remaining $3,783.34

Spring 2012

Contact Kevin Karplus with questions.


, 2015/07/18 20:45

I suspect this is grossly inaccurate. Who would have the information to make it current?

, 2015/05/08 15:58

Wasn't the UCSF run on a NextSeq, rather than a HiSeq? Someone who knows for sure should correct the entry on the budget (and on the data page, if it is also erroneous).

, 2015/04/27 16:53

Does anybody else feel like 1200$ for donor gifts seems a bit high? Thats about 6% of our total budget, I would like to see a break down of how it was spent

Edit- Digging around on the crowdfunding site… We owe to our donors,

30 handwritten letters

28 autographed photos

4 people audited our class (haven’t)

3 people toured the genomics lab

at a total cost of 1287 $

This is around 22$ per letter/photograph assuming the lab tour and class audits are free. So it seems reasonable considering shipping costs.

, 2015/04/28 01:35

Wrong interpretation of “Donor gift fees”. What these are are the amount that UCSC charged for setting up the crowd-funding site and collecting the money, a 6% charge. That is somewhat lower than what most commercial crowd-funding sites charge (usually around 10%).

, 2015/04/28 21:29

Thanks for the clarification, this makes way more sense.

, 2015/04/27 15:15

Big thanks to Jared for getting the budget up! I made it into a table and did the necessary calculations, it looks like we have closer to 15k left! This is fantastic, but we really ought to find a way to spend it before the quarter ends.

, 2015/04/27 15:29

Well we haven't put in any of the transcript sequencing or the HiSeq costs in this table yet

, 2015/04/27 16:48

Do we know who has this information? I put some estimates up based on what Kevin thought we had left, but without exact numbers it's not very helpful.

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