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   - Biological tricks:   - Biological tricks:
     - c->​b->​a->​b'​->​d     - c->​b->​a->​b'​->​d
-    - an inversion of b->​a->​b'​ turns the scaffold into c->​b->​a'​->​b'​->​d...(I think this should be c->​b'​->​a'​->​b->​d)+    - an inversion of b->​a->​b'​ turns the scaffold into c->​b->​a'​->​b'​->​d... ​Note that flipping b->a->​b' ​reverses and complements the sequences, so that it becomes (b')->​a'​->​b' or b->a'​->​b'​.
 Burrows-Wheeler Transform (BWT) Burrows-Wheeler Transform (BWT)
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