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=====Assembly Overview=====


, 2010/04/16 00:59

You are correct, I meant the Bermuda standard—bad memory strikes again!

, 2010/04/12 03:02

Do you really mean “MIAMI standard for a finished genome”? It was my understanding that the genome finishing standard was the still the “Bermuda Principles”1)2) from a meeting in Bermuda in 1997, which defined an acceptible error rate of less than 1 in 10,000 (ie, < 1*10^-4), and the MIAME (Minium Information for a Microarray Experiment) standard3) was for microarray data? There is also the MIGS Standard4) for sequenced genomes, but that is more about providing information about what was actually sequenced (such as culture conditions, etc)…

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