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Information Retrieval with Library Systems- BME325

Christy Hightower presented several resources to retrieve information on research topics.

The following are the websites and topics that she covered in her lecture. These are taken directly from her pdf: InformationSourcesbyFormatForWiki.pdf and Strategies235.pdf

Background Information and Vocabulary

Journal Articles

Conference Articles

Theses and Dissertations





Government Information


, 2010/04/07 11:17

Hi everyone,

This was just announced: PubMed now goes back to the year 1947. “Harry Truman was President, gas cost 15 cents a gallon, the transistor was invented, and internationally renowned surgeon Dr. Michael DeBakey was publishing articles on the US Army's World War II experience with battle injuries, military surgery, and the use of streptomycin therapy. Citations to these and more than 60,000 other articles indexed in the 1947 Current List of Medical Literature (CLML) are now available in the National Library of Medicine® (NLM®) MEDLINE®/PubMed database.”

Also wanted to mention that if you use the Boolean OR operator in Google Scholar, it must be in upper case. If you use lower case, it does the search as an “and” instead of an “or”.

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