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Summer 2015


Students continuing to Work in the summer. please include a note that briefly describes something you are currently studying or doing for the project

Name E-mail Team Lab note
Jared C ABySS Pourmand Banana Slug Biology and Mollusk genomics
Siddra H ABySS Green
Emilio F ABySS
Charles M SOAP Haussler

Schedule of meetings

Suggestions for weekly meetings:

  • Meet in PSB 305 (same classroom)

Agenda Items

A list of unresolved tasks

  • distribute T-shirts
  • Decide on a final assembly from working assemblers.
  • RNA Assembly
  • Annotations
  • Heterozygosity
  • Non-slug DNA in reads
  • How to merge assemblies
  • Repeats
  • Mitochondria assembly
  • Use of old data (2010 and 2011 classes)
  • Potentially adapt Discovar contigs for SOAPdenovo scaffolding.

Finished Work

A list of work completed sense BME235 ended.

  • Disovar assembly with all shotgun data, accomplished on Kolussus
  • SOAPdenovo assembly with all shotgun data and gap closed, accomplished on edser2
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