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=== Assemblers Review Articles ==== * [[|Assembly algorithms for next-generation sequencing data]] Jason R. Miller, Sergey Koren and Granger Suttona Covers these assemblers: SSAKE, SHARCGS, VCAKE, Newbler, Celera, Euler, Velvet, ABySS, AllPaths, and SOAPdenovo. Compares de Bruijn graph to overlap/layout/consensus. Jason R. Miller, Sergey Koren, Granger Sutton, Assembly algorithms for next-generation sequencing data, Genomics, In Press, Corrected Proof, Available online 6 March 2010, ISSN 0888-7543, DOI: 10.1016/j.ygeno.2010.03.001. ( Keywords: Genome assembly algorithms; Next-generation sequencing


, 2010/04/11 22:46

References should use the refnotes plugin (see the style page)

, 2010/04/13 00:40

The formatting has been fixed; everyone please follow the new format. Use the level 2 header ( ====== ) for the categorization of review articles (e.g. Assembler review articles) and use bold for paper titles followed by a RefNotes citation for that paper (the paper titles use bold since the heading syntax does not work when followed by a RefNotes citation). When adding new review articles, please place them in alphabetical order. Any notes or information about the review article follows the title and reference for the paper.

, 2010/04/09 06:27

The link works for me, but then I created it.

You can also try the link that appears further down in the citation:

Of course, if you are off-campus, you will need to use OCA Bookmarkelet from library with your library card, or some other UCSC library mechanism.

, 2010/04/08 23:30

Broken link?

, 2010/04/07 22:50

Actually, if someone knows a better way to format this, please help.

, 2010/04/11 22:31

If we also include a section header, then once we get a lot of articles on this page there will be a table of contents linking to everything.

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