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===== programs/ ===== * [[archive:bioinformatic_tools:abyss|abyss]]: (1.1.2) * [[archive:bioinformatic_tools:allpaths|allpaths]] * [[computer_resources:boost_1_42_0]]: (required by allpaths) * [[archive:bioinformatic_tools:soapdenovo|SOAPdenovo]]: (v1.04) * [[archive:bioinformatic_tools:velvet|velvet]]: (0.7.62) * [[archive:bioinformatic_tools:cap3_pcap|cap3]]: (VersionDate: 12/21/07) * [[archive:bioinformatic_tools:cap3_pcap|pcap]]: (VersionDate: 06/07/05) * [[computer_resources:bioinformatic_tools|blat]]: (official source from Apr 2007)


, 2015/04/16 19:31

I installed a few programs today that should be useful to everyone, and I edited the README in the programs directory. SeqPrep, Trim Galore, OpenMPI, sparsehash, and ABySS

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