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This is the archive for pages that are no longer being supported. Ideally these pages will be renamed into the 'archive' namespace. **NOTE: This is a very small percentage of the archived files, to see all of the archived files please use the Sitemap (top right of the wiki) and navigate into the 'archive' hierarchy. ** **Archived files** * [[Archive::bioinformatic_tools | bioinformatic_tools]] * [[Archive::banana_slugs_in_popular_culture | banana_slugs_in_popular_culture]] * [[Archive::euchromatin_and_heterochromatin | Euchromatin and heterochromatin ]] * [[Archive::contributors | An old contributors page ]] * [[archive:spring_2015_syllabus]] The lecture schedule and registered note takers. * [[archive:summer_2015]] A page to organize summer work. * [[archive:other_mollusk_genomes]] has a list of other mollusks that have been sequenced, and where the data for them is. Prior mollusk genomes may be very useful in annotating the banana slug. * [[archive:lab_protocols]] will describe how the slugs were collected, the DNA extracted, and all the wet-lab work was done to produce the data files. * [[archive:backup_directory]] Paths on Charles' hive account where assembly and raw data files are backed-up. **Deprecated links (things to be archived)** * [[archive:specific_task]] * [[about_the_class:lecture_notes]] will have pointers to notes taken by the students for each lecture. Two students will be designated each lecture to take notes, but others are encouraged to add their own notes to the wiki pages. * [[archive:rna]] * [[computer_resources:data|Data available]] lists the datasets that we have to assemble and annotate the genome. The data will not appear on the wiki itself (due to the size of the files), but descriptions of it and pointers to the files will. * [[computer_resources:assemblies|Assemblies]] lists the attempted assemblies (separated into subdirectories by organism). * [[archive:sequencing_technologies]] lists the platforms used for getting data on the banana slug. From there, we'll have pages on each technology explaining how it works, what sort of data it produces, what its common errors modes are, and other information needed to work with the data. * [[archive:review_articles]] will list helpful review articles discovered. **And all the crap in the site manager**

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